Snake Wizard

by the new not normals

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released February 25, 2016



all rights reserved


the new not normals Portland, Oregon

Rock now rock the night

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Track Name: the touch
Calling out there
don't you worry it's just me
calling out there
thought you'd teach me how to breathe
If I could breathe I might know the answers
To the question in my mind
and quiet down the voices
and trust what I might find

when I feel the touch
and I close my eyes
oh to leave so much
to be more than alive

calling out there
oh I swear you're not alone
calling out there
just a calling you home
if you were here I might feel the lightness
feeling up the space
and know the purpose
of living in this place

when I feel the touch
and I close my eyes
oh to leave so much
to be more than alive

when I feel the touch
and I close my eyes
oh to love so much
to be more than alive
Track Name: game of mirrors
they say I talk to much
when i'm sleepin'
well that's alright with me
cause I'm always sleeping
it's a game of mirrors
but I play hide and seek
and I promise not to peek

Is that how it was
or will be
I guess we'll see

set your self on fire
by rubbing sticks
and release your wealth
from all your tricks
Track Name: new disguise
first we were dancin' then we were runnin' for our lives
I guess it's time for a new disguise
and do you feel the same
and am I the one to blame

It's so easy just to disappear
it's so easy just to hold you near

Always looking for distractions
with spinning wheels and lost traction
and I thought you should know
it's not where you are but where we'll go

just a little understanding
to separate us from the beasts
and escape my crash landing
and bring us all a little peace
Track Name: rivers and streams
turnin' away
it's a game we play
and i'd make a new me
but I ran outa clay
dream a different life
but all I ever do is dream
of making rivers
out of streams

change is comin' I can feel it in my bones
and I'll trade my rockin chair for a castle and a throne

when your friends turn strange and you have to rearrange at least you'll know it will never be the same
and you close your eyes and the whole world comes alive
look through blackened skies and strip away the plies
Track Name: all the same
I know you're all just looking for a real good time
to move that curvy creature you call your spine
If I came to your would your read my mind
well go ahead and give if a try and see what you will find

and the things that you saw and the the things that we draw they were all the same
and the things up above and the things that we love they were all the same
and the ways that we learn and the ways that we burn they were all the same
and the things in my head and the things in your bed
they were all the same
they were all the same
to me

A mighty fine trick water into wine
it kinda makes me forget what is yours and mine
pour me a glass of the liquid sunshine
go ahead and give it a try see what you will find
Track Name: fwrd & bckwrd
regret is work that's under paid
and to my mind am I the slave
until positivity is all the rage
I guess I'll live in my little cage

when life turns upside down you never know what you might miss
and all you ever wanted was somethin you can't resist
and we don't wanna be forgiven
and we don't wanna die but I'm not sure this is living

worry one turns 2 3 or 4
and someone kicks me to the floor
I never wanted to be a chore
and I think I'll quit when I'm done with more

forward of backwards
backwards or forwards
forward or backward
backwards or forward
forwards of backwards